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“The Christo-Tyrrell Agency is proud to announce the acquisition of Pequossette Insurance and Ivanhoe Insurance.”

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Welcome to the Christo-Tyrrell Insurance Agency. Established in 2012, the Christo-Tyrrell Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency representing many outstanding companies with only one focus - to provide superior customer service with fair and competitive pricing, something our clients have come to expect. In today's competitive environment, we are driven to keep these standards of excellence high, to set us apart from the competition.

The Christo-Tyrrell Insurance Agency is a collaboration of the Christo Insurance Agency, formerly of Somerville, MA and the Tyrrell Insurance Agency, formerly of Concord, MA.

The Christo Insurance Agency, established in 1990, was recognized for its long standing reputation for excellent customer service and variety of comprehensive insurance products.

The Tyrrell Insurance Agency, established in 1983, was a leader in customer loyalty and provided personalized service beyond expectation to both business clients and homeowners.

Together at their new Belmont location, the staff brings years of experience and expertise in both personal and commercial lines. Whether an automobile, a home, or business, the experienced professionals on hand can evaluate your risk exposure and recommend the coverage that is right for you.